Square-Enix didn't miss the opportunity at Jump Fiesta to get everyone salivating, providing a fresh new look at Final Fantasy XIII . But that wasn't all; the company hinted at another Kingdom Hearts installment as well.

After that trailer for Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix , a compilation title only for Japan and the GBA (a game we had already know about), attendees got the potentially big news- the video showed "New Project Starting in 2007" right at the end, prompting immediate questions and speculation.

Of course, nobody really knows if this project is actually related to the Disney-oriented franchise. Perhaps the mere fact it appeared after the Final Mix trailer doesn't really mean anything; maybe they just finished up the presentation with a more open-ended announcement, and it referred to some other game. But it's still fun to guess… Kingdom Hearts III for the PS3? And if so, are they starting the project in '07, or would the game actually arrive in '07? Or was it referring to all that Final Fantasy VII stuff in the trailer…could we be talking about the heavily rumored Final Fantasy VII remake? Heck, they just remade the classic Final Fantasy Tactics for the PSP.

Well, whatever the project is, we'll keep an eye on things and bring you more info whenever it may arise.

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