Few people would've guessed it, in fact many people bet on it…but it seems like the horde of people who attempted to scalp their PS3s last minute before Christmas and Chanukah in hopes of a sudden demand, and thus inflation in price, are going to be sorely disappointed. Yes, sorely disappointed. Much to the grief of nay-sayers out there, it seems like Sony has indeed cured their manufacturing woes and subsequently shipments of the PS3 have gone up dramatically.

Instead of trickles, stores are getting a hearty supply of consoles every few days to a week. As Sony's David Karraker has been noting for the past couple of weeks, Sony is poised to have shipped (and probably sold) 1-million PS3 units in North America before the end of the year. Moreover, dozens of customer accounts have recently surfaced around message boards everywhere claiming that their PS3s didn’t have a copy of Talladega Nights packaged with it. Meaning, Sony has already sold over 500,000 PS3s here in the US.

Now that Sony's blue laser diode troubles are behind them, and the company's shipments have been quite voluminous, eBay prices of the console have taken a dramatic hit. Taking a look around, the average PS3 auction is ending just around the retail price of the console. You read that right: retail price. The listing numbers remain high, as a lot of people who purchased their PS3s at launch are only now selling them right before the late-December rush. Clearly their attempts to cash on the proverbial cow have proven to be futile.

Sellers who are opening/listing their PS3s at even $100 over retail are seeing their auctions end with no bids. Indeed, the situation has fizzled to this point. There are roughly 25,000 listings being auctioned off on eBay, so if you still can't find a system in your neighborhood, eBay's a good bet now. But before you resort to eBay, take a walk around or make a few phone calls to your nearby BestBuy, EB Games, GameStop, Circuit City, Wal-Mart, Costco and so on.

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