The first round of Winter Meetings in the MLB have just concluded, and they featured numerous big-namers securing their futures with large numbers. Now, Sony is securing their MLB future in a different way.

The popular baseball series, MLB: The Show is back for another go-around, as the 07 installment has officially been announced for the PS3, PS2 and PSP. Most importantly, this new title sports online league play, which lets gamers battle it out in leagues of up to 30 teams. However, Sony did not reveal which of the platforms this feature would be available on.

There's another major revamping going on in this one. The pitching mechanic has changed significantly; catchers will now recommend pitches depending on a hitter's strengths and weaknesses, and the pitcher can either accept or wave off the sign. At the same time, you'll be forced to deal with a few erratic umpires, with their own established strike zones. …and that's one hell of a realistic addition.

The PS3 version should boast the most complete and immersive baseball atmosphere, as we'll see new crowd animations (fans will even battle for foul balls!), an entertaining 7th-inning stretch, and of course, that timeless classic known as the wave. And for those of you who wish to experience the true simulated aspect of the game, you'll even be able to examine different grips and arm angles on pitchers.

MLB 07: The Show is set to release some time in the spring.

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