The Wii has launched in the UK, and those numbers have been rolling in with good news. Nintendo did well…at least, for now.

They've reported sales of 105,000 Wiis over the weekend, which completely annihilates the previous record of 70,000 (Xbox 360) set last year. Of course, with the delay of the PS3 until March, UK gamers have no other option right now, and even the 360 is old news. So can Nintendo keep those numbers high, or will the PS3's launch in March cause the stats to fall?

Tben again, look at the DS. That sold 110,000 in the week the Wii was launched, and is in the handheld driver's seat the world over, regardless of the launches of either the PSP or DS. Therefore, if the Wii is popular now, there's no reason to say it won't be three years from now. On the other hand, if Sony can deliver a few hundred thousand PS3s in March, and that breaks the Wii record, than Sony will have the momentum.

Gotta love the dawn of the next-gen wars.

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