The firmware updates keep coming, and thankfully, they're working to solve one of the system's biggest issues involving "downscaling resolution." The latest update is version 1.30, and PS3 owners will be immediately notified of the new update when they log on to the PlayStation Network. Of course, it doesn't tell you exactly what the patch does…but we will.

Sony hasn't made it official, but we've found out one very interesting tidbit- we previously reported that the PS3 would choose 720p resolution when the games capable of 1080p were displayed on a 1080i monitor. This "downscaling" got a ton of attention, but Sony has been quick to make the updgrade. Now, if a game can be viewed in 1080i, it will be seen in 1080i, even if the the game is natively 1080p. Therefore, if your HDTV only supports 1080i, don't you fret.

There's one other major upgrade involving a hard-drive backup utility. This feature lets the user transfer data from removable media to the PS3's hard drive.

And at the same time, the PSP got its newest firmware update; version 3.02, but it's not nearly as exciting. At this point, it looks like just another security update.

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