We've known for a while that the Xbox 360 RPG Enchanted Arms would be ported over to the PS3, but until today, we didn't have a release date. From Software has announced the PS3 version is scheduled for a Japanese January 25, 2007 release, and for a price of 8190 yen (about $71).

Originally designed to be a 360 exclusive, the game gives us the story of an enchanter-in-training, Atsuma, who is supposedly destined for greatness as the world's most powerful mage. The title sports over 100 playable and non-playable characters, a traditional turn-based battle mechanic, and a set of secret unlockable creatures that can be added to your combat party. The PS3 port will include all this and more, like added cutscenes and other story elements.

Unfortunately, we're not sure yet if the game's publisher, Ubisoft, plans to release the PS3 version here in the U.S.