There hasn't been a whole lot going on in the Japanese PlayStation Store since the PS3 launched on 11/11, but today, things are going to pick up significantly.

Sony has officially announced the final details on the first batch of downloadable PS1 games, available in the Game Archives section of the Store and immediately playable via the PSP. And if you're wondering about cost, each of these games will have the tax-inclusive price tag of 525 yen (about $4.45).

These titles will be available on 11/22:

Once you successfully download any of these games, you can transfer them to the PSP via system link, and get playin'. Unfortunately, these games can't be played on the PS3 until Sony gets around to performing a system update early next year.

Just remember that your PSP must be updated with the latest firmware update if you want to take advantage of this service. And if you own the 60GB PS3, you'll be able to use the console as local media player, watching and listening to any content on the PS3's hard drive through the PSP. Another update next year should allow the PS3 to support worldwide remote play.

This information concerns the Japanese PlayStation Store only; details on the international/North American Game Archives should be forthcoming.

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