Every now and then, Sony sends out a media bulletin that gives everyone an update on the PlayStation business. In the latest, entitled, "Delivering Exceptional Entertainment in 2009," we spot some interesting points.

First off, they mention Killzone 2 and the fact that, according to the latest NPD numbers, it has topped the 1 million mark worldwide. Second, they talk about the very well-received MLB 09: The Show and use a quote from the New York Times review: "at its heart [MLB® 09 THE Show] is the most organic, rhythmically accurate and natural simulation of any team sport." Up next is the average review scores of PlayStation 3 games; the bulletin refers us to Metacrtic, where 1 in every 3 PS3 titles have average review scores of 80 or higher. Oh, and of course, they couldn't very well ignore the upcoming exclusives: inFamous , Uncharted 2: Among Thieves , MAG , Heavy Rain , God of War III , and Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time . For PS2 news, there's talk of the new $99.99 price point generating renewed interest in the aging system, and for the PSP, they remind us again that the big stuff is on the way . As for the Network, the figures they have now say the service has expanded to over 55 countries, with more great numbers: 20 million registered users, 5 million Home users, 180 downloadable games, 1,700 movies, and 5,700 television episodes.

And finally, we have a quote from Patrick Seybold, Senior Director of Corporate Communications at SCEA:

"March proved an exceptional month for software sales with three major PS3 titles ranking in NPD’s top ten list, including Resident Evil 5 and two of our highly rated PS3 exclusives, MLB'09 The Show and Killzone 2. Based on internal PS3 sales data, MLB’09 The Show saw an increase of more than 45% growth from its 2008 version in North America, and the press accolades continue to roll in. The best part of what PlayStation has to offer this year is a relentless string of AAA games.

We've lined up mass entertainment appeal from the hard core gamer who can’t wait to get their hands on a game like MAG, the industry’s first 256-player shooter, to the casual gamer who wants to take their RockBand skills on the road via the PSP. We’re also seeing exciting preliminary numbers for PlayStation 2 with the recent price cut and we couldn’t be more pleased with the continued entertainment value and gameplay the platform provides even in its ninth year. We’ve got a confident plan ahead and have many cards yet to deal, so consumers can rest assured there’s a lot to look forward to from PlayStation this new fiscal year."

Whew. They jam a whole lot into these releases!