So, because Hollywood is incapable of coming up with original ideas, they set out on a vendetta to turn every semi-popular game into a movie…? That may sound cynical, but based on the track record, we're concerned about all these announcements and rumors.

The latest, as noted by Joystiq, involves the long-running platforming franchise, Spyro the Dragon . It seems that a variety of sources are reporting that a film entitled, "The Legend of Spyro 3D" is slated to hit theaters some time this winter, and as if we needed the explanation, it's based on the "hugely popular video game series." Those responsible for the movie "Eragon" will be in charge and if you want to check out the movie poster, go ahead and visit Velvet Octopus . Now, we don't know about you, but we want to picture somethnig like "Beowulf" only with Spryo as the hero; that might be a 3D movie worth watching, provided it's a true visual feast for the senses. The good news is that despite the game franchise's mediocre quality – as seen in the past few installments – they always have stellar voice acting thanks to fantastic Hollywood talent. For example, Elijah Wood has voiced the little purple dragon in the past, and other stars, like Gary Oldman, have also lent their voices to the games.

Therefore, if they can get this same group of A-list actors to contribute to the movie, they're already taking a step in the right direction. See, we may start with negativity, but we always try to end with optimism.