It's certainly one of our most anticipated projects, and although that debut teaser really didn't tell us much, the upcoming edition of Game Informer most certainly will.

As Kotaku reports, the figure you see on the cover of the magazine isn't Altair, the protagonist from the original Assassin's Creed . It may look a lot like him – clothed the way he is – but that's actually Ezio, "a young noble who lost his family to rival families." Details fresh from the feature include: many more weapons including a spear and axe, the ability to swim in water (kinda like the upgrade in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas ), "16 unique mission types" (Pickpocketing and Eavesdropping are gone), and the addition of real-life historical figures like Machiavelli. You'll have to pick up the magazine later this month to read the rest, but it's already shaping up to be a definite step up from the original. We adored the first one, contrary to the claims against it, and we have no doubt that Ubisoft will produce a stellar sequel. We kinda wanted to have Altair back, but in retrospect, he didn't have much of a personality and we can probably see a lot of him in Ezio. And we absolutely love the idea of playing in 15th-century Venice; the possibilities seem endless, and it's a damn good thing Ezio can swim, right?

We'll bring you more on Assassin's Creed 2 whenever the info becomes available; you can be sure that it's pretty damn high on our priority list.