We heard SCEA's John Koller make a statement concerning Gran Turismo 5 and he used the words "all platforms." This immediately prompted widespread speculation, but UK gaming site GameZine offers a theory .

First of all, as this is indeed an exclusive Sony franchise, you can forget about an Xbox 360 release. However, some have considered the possibility of a PC version of GT5, which quickly made PC gamers stand up and take notice. We're also aware of a PSP version, which is indeed in the works and could – all by its little lonesome – be responsible for Koller's "all platforms" quote. But GameZine suggests that a PS2 version is actually more likely than a PC version; despite the old architecture, Sony has shipped 136 million PS2 units around the world in the past 9 years and they just dropped the price to $99. And it remains highly unlikely that Sony would allow their beloved blockbuster GT franchise to go to a competitor, even if it's only the PC. Then again, GT creator Kazunori Yamauchi has been heard saying that it might be possible to put GT5 on the PC, so as to better cater to the Chinese market. We really can't be sure, as we don't even have a release date for the PS3 version yet, but it's interesting to see just how far Polyphony is willing to go with this new installment. Might it go to the PSP, PS2, and PC? Who knows?

All we know is that we want it to arrive ASAP. While Prologue is indeed awesome, and they do keep tossing up fresh content every now and then, we just pine for the full game. When all the intended platforms are officially announced – maybe at E3 – we'll tell you immediately.

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