Although it couldn't quite stand up to Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto IV , Saints Row 2 was a solid crime thriller that satisfied most every open-style sandbox fan in existence. The good news? The first batch of DLC is on the way.

As reported by IGN , Saints Row 2 is about to get its very first downloadable add-on in the form of the Ultor Exposed expansion. It will drop onto the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Marketplace on April 16; if you want to grab it off the PSN, it'll cost $9.99 and if you plan to log on to the XBLA, you'll need 800 Microsoft Points. Pornstar Tera Patrick will be featured in this expansion, which includes three new missions, a competitive co-op "metagame," and several new vehicles, weapons and maps. It's a little smaller than last month's Lost and Damned expansion for GTAIV but for Saints Row 2 fans, the Ultor expansion ought to keep you playing for a few hours longer. For more details concerning Patrick's role – pornstars with guns…who knew? – click the link above, and bear in mind that SR2 remains "M"-rated. If you're looking for "AO," which would probably mean that Tera is "working," you will be disappointed.

Anyway, we also expect to have more information on the next installment in the franchise within the next few months. It may always remain in the shadow of GTA, but that doesn't stop it from being fun!

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