Update: Just so everyone is aware, this won't be on the PSN; it is a disc-based game.  The details are up over at the official PlayStation blog.  Sorry for the confusion.

Original Story:

Well, that was fast. We just got finished telling you to expect a new Ratchet and Clank announcement soon, and we already have the title.

As numerous sources are reporting (Joystiq, PS3Center, etc.), the previously hinted at "Ratchet and Clank: ACIT" has been revealed as Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time thanks to a recent French press release. The game will be a downloadable title and pick up where Quest for Booty left off, where Ratchet is out to save Clank from the evil Dr. Nefarious. You will time travel in the game (sounds like fun!) and Joystiq has suggested that it will probably carry the same Booty DLC price of $15. Insomniac is bound to come forward with more details within the next few days – the cat's out of the bag, guys! – so stay tuned for those. In the meantime, we have to say: we were hoping this would be a full Blu-Ray title, and we're starting to wonder if R&C will always arrive in the form of a digital download. The debate rages as to whether or not the physical form of media will survive in the video game world, and it's easy to spot the shifts in regards to certain franchises. Perhaps R&C is cut out for the PSN but what if they planned to make Resistance 3 only for the PSN…? Well, that probably won't happen.

Anyway, keep it here for more up-to-date info concerning A Crack in Time . This is one of the most popular and critically acclaimed franchises in video game history, so it deserves your respect.

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