It can take an extraordinary amount of time and effort to produce a MMO, which is one of the reasons we haven't heard too much about Sony Online Entertainment's current projects. Another reason is because they're more interested in actually making the games than they are in promoting them.

We haven't heard anything new about MAG at GDC 09, but according to Joystiq, we now have estimated release dates for both The Agency and DC Universe Online . SOE's Hal Milton also addressed the aforementioned topic concerning promotion and hype: "We don't want to keep having hype sessions just showing movies and crap," he said. "We need to make the game and not just keep promoting it." There's a kernel of truth and nobility to that, but from the journalist's standpoint, there's something to be said for promotion and hype… Anyway, SOE president John Smedley announced the estimated release dates during his GDC keynote address, but they're not exactly just around the corner. All we know is that The Agency and DC Universe Online will launch some time next year, and beyond that, the details remain a little thin. It's a good idea never to start the hype train too early, but when you announce a game in 2007 ( The Agency ), gamers can get a little antsy when we enter 2009 without much in the way of new info.

Anyway, it's not the greatest update in the world, but it's enough to let you know that yes, indeed these two games are coming. We also know you want a progress report on MAG , but you may have to wait for E3…

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