Times are tough, but the hardcore still desire their fancy Collectors Editions for certain releases. Besides, by the time God of War III launches next year, times may not be so "tough," anymore, right?

The e-mail that has come to our attention was sent out to all members of the PlayStation Underground GAP (Gamers Advisory Panel). In it, they ask what we'd like to see in a God of War III Collectors Edition; they touch on packaging, extra content, figurines, random goodies, etc. The important part of the e-mail is pated below:

"What would make the ultimate GOW III Collectors Edition? What types of content would you include? (i.e. figurines, art book, etc.) What kind of packaging? (e.g., steel tin box, exclusive artwork, etc.) What kind of videos would you like the CE to include? Any additional ideas you die-hard God of War minds can think of?

Lastly, don't be shy. Give us descriptions, photos or even videos if you have to. If you want the ultimate GOW III Collectors Edition, give us your ultimate opinions. So have fun. There's nothing to lose. We're really just interested in finding out what God of War fans want in a Collectors Edition."

Okay, so maybe you're not a GAP member but you still want your voice to be heard. Well, the best we can offer is a spot in the Comments section or over there in the forums, so you can better discuss your grand schemes and desires for the GoWIII Collectors Edition. For some of us, we're just happy to know that a CE is indeed planned, and that the guys behind the scenes are smart enough to poll the gamers before creating the package. Kudos, we say!

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