LittleBigPlanet is unique in more ways than one: this may be the very first game in history to feature unlimited longevity, and it's all due to the spark of creativity that lies at its core and allows for continual expansion.

There is already a ton of downloadable content for LBP on the PlayStation Network, so don't get too antsy concerning a possible sequel. During a recent interview with Media Molecule founder Alex Evans, conducted by GameTrailers' Geoff Keighley, Evans spoke about the team's future plans, which includes a whole lot more content and patches.

"…the whole team is working on LBP, whether that comes out in a sequel or DLC isn’t an issue. We’re just doing whatever we’d be doing anyway and the way that comes out isn’t really important. The ‘Paint Gun’ in the Metal Gear pack was a little taster. We want to make it easier for people to make the things they want to make."

If you've already tested out the "Paint Gun" in question, you're quite aware of the potential, and you're likely interested to see the next step. Keighley than asked, half-jokingly, whether or not we might one day see people creating a FPS within the LPB world and Evans replied simply, "It could happen. Why not?" Even though the launch of LBP is well behind us, we could be seeing a game in its infancy stages and a few years from now, it could be something completely different. Just imagine the sheer number of possibilities! Or is that even possible…?

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