Is it any real surprise to learn that Resident Evil 5 is a huge seller? It shouldn't be, considering the massive fanbase for that long-running franchise, and RE5 is really flying off store shelves.

Capcom's latest survival/horror zombie-fest has become the fastest selling iteration in the history of the series and the publisher's single biggest launch ever. The announcement is impressive: Capcom has shipped over 4 million copies of RE5 worldwide and according to this week's UK All Format's Chart, 55% of the already-sold units were the 360 version while 45% were the PS3 version. But it doesn't end there; the blockbuster title, according to GameZine, "is also the largest All Formats number one since Call of Duty: World at War," and in fact, RE5 "represents 27.1% of all console revenue this week." …that's pretty damn impressive, wouldn't you say? For more freaky statistics, we turn your attention to the fact that RE5's sales are actually more than the combined sales of the other nine titles that comprise the top ten! Oh, and if you want to compare it to the launch of RE4 on the PS2, RE5 has outsold RE4 by a ratio of 3.22 to 1. Obviously, there's no doubt that Capcom has a winner on its hands, even if the critical reception hasn't been overly outstanding.

It's pretty and entertaining (for the most part), and we figure it's great for fans of RE4. There were a lot of those, and even more who were anxiously anticipating the release of RE5, so these gaudy numbers aren't too shocking. Congrats to Capcom, at any rate.

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