Well, once again, we may be seeing the power of the most recent positive impression sitting foremost in everyone's minds.

But we're certainly not trying to take anything away from the Best Storyline Poll winner: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots . It beat out the runner-up, Final Fantasy VII , and the original Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy VIII came in third and fourth respectively. Hideo Kojima and the rest of his staff certainly delivered one of the most professional and memorable plots in history; the amazing cast of characters coupled with the nicely paced and appropriately intricate storyline was indeed groundbreaking. This is the type of story many of us have been waiting for in the video game world, and we're most appreciative of the script, dialog and plot twists. It's also significant to note that this honor didn't go to a role-playing game; it only proves just how accomplished the MGS franchise really is.

Moving on, we ask you another difficult question: which of the most recent spectacular-looking titles has the best graphics in the game world to date? Is it Guerilla's Killzone 2 ? Crytek's Crysis ? MGS4? Or could it even be a demo ( Gran Turismo 5: Prologue )? This is the question that will determine which title receives the label of, "ultimate visual masterpiece," although we'll probably have to do this poll again in another year. The industry just continues to make stride after stride in the realm of graphics!