Thanks to the impending issue of Game Informer, a horde of Bioshock 2: Sea of Dreams details have surfaced, and we know you're anxious to get a peek.

If you've been following along with the new content at the game's teaser site , you've probably made some faint conclusions. But here's some solid GI info (courtesy of Deeko): first off, you will play as Jake Abbott, a private investigator in search of one of the kidnapped girls. The culprit is apparently a Big Sister, which Jack actually sees after it snags his own daughter and disappears into the ocean. The Soviets play a role this time around (and they ain't allies), although it's plain that enemies like the splicers are nobody's ally. Obviously, we'll be back under the water again, and this time, a lot of Rapture is flooded and you'll actually need to be in a diving suit. We'll also get major boss fights and yes, you are going to miss the Big Daddies as they won't be included, and there's only one "Big Sister," who is the primary villain. Oh yeah, and if you couldn't guess for yourself, we'll also get new weapons and Plasmids, so prepare yourselves for what should be an awesome sequel from top to bottom!  We want certain kick-ass Plasmids to return, though…

We're going to miss the Big Daddies and we imagine we'll only fight Big Sister at the end, so that's a little disappointing. But the boss fights (some of which will be described in that GI feature) sound downright epic, and being able to explore outside of Rapture should be a real treat. Stay tuned for more; we have little doubt that Bioshock 2: Sea of Dreams will be one of the year's best!

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