We're all well aware of the potentially amazing PlayStation 3 exclusives that are looming large on the horizon, and one of them is most certainly Sucker Punch's inFamous .

For those of you interested in indulging in an action/adventure title where the main character finds himself infused with very useful electricity (just think of the possibilities!), this one is for you. And thanks to a recent update over at the official PlayStation blog, we've learned that inFamous is on track for a June release, and yes, a demo is also on the way! Unfortunately, we don't have exact release dates for either the demo or the full game, but we imagine those will be coming along soon. Cole McGrath could be the next true bad-ass in the video game realm, and we're relatively convinced that action aficionados and superhero fans alike will enjoy this experience. There's some platforming, some intense combat, and a few unique features as well, so inFamous could be one of the top summer titles in 2009. If you want to learn a bit more and gain access to some more media, feel free to head on over to Sucker Punch's official site and do some research.

We'll let you know when they issue the dates in question, and until then, we have high hopes for the final product! We can't wait to give this one a spin; dark, chaotic environments and singularly powered characters always give us a rush.

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