If you're not yet aware, Champions Online is a MMO currently in development for the Xbox 360 and PC, but if recent evidence is accurate, it should also be coming to the PlayStation 3.

According to IncGamers, there's a job posting for a PS3 Engine Programmer for developer Cryptic Studios. They also remind us that Cryptic has frequently said the game would be headed to "consoles" (plural), even though Champions has only been confirmed for Microsoft's system. The job posting in question is pretty damn clear; it reads:

"Are you interested in a challenge? We have developed a flexible, cutting edge MMO platform to power games like Champions and Star Trek Online. It runs on PC and XBOX 360 – now we want to support PS3 too. Are you an expert PS3 coder? Do you enjoy squeezing every last drop of performance and spare memory out of the system?"

The superhero craze may be over in Hollywood (one can only hope), but it continues strong in the video game world. DC Universe Online is in the works, the new Watchmen: The End is Nigh just released today, and you can bet there are more superhero titles on the way. And doesn't it make perfect sense that the fans would want to play against other superhero followers online? You know, one big ol' world of people endowed with the gift of supernatural abilities? Yeah, sounds like fun.