Yep, it's Infinity Ward's turn again. It's an interesting hand-off routine IW and Treyarch have concerning the Call of Duty series, and we have to say, both do a damn fine job. Treyarch admitted they had to make the best WWII shooter ever in order to live up to the expectations generated by IW's fantastic Modern Warfare , and…well, Call of Duty: World at War pretty much was the best WWII shooter ever. Or close, anyway.

However, the hardcore CoD4 fans have worked to make it one of the most-played games online, and they were probably psyched to hear that Infinity Ward is planning a sequel. CoD4 was such a gigantic smash hit; why fiddle with a winning formula? Why not just give the fans what they want? You've already got an awesome foundation, so all you really need to do is build upon it and take the next step. But if you want to help the team out, you can send 'em a "Tweet" on Twitter. Read all about the Modern Warfare 2 feedback they're looking for. Currently, the question is simple: "Name one thing you'd like to see in Modern Warfare 2?" We're certain a lot of you out there can come up with a suggestion, and if you want your voice to be heard, sign up and leave that message. They say Twitter can be a very powerful tool for developers in the future, and we believe it can be quite powerful for the media as well. If you hadn't noticed, you can sign up to follow PSX Extreme on Twitter ; we give you the heads-up when we're gonna do an exclusive hands-on, and other big news may be hinted at…

Obviously, you'll be directed here to get the full scoop, but we're going to use Twitter like everyone else: it's going to give you a quick, early update that'll pique your interest. As for Infinity Ward, go ahead and help them out! What do you want to see in the next Modern Warfare ?

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