The rumors of a PlayStation 3 price drop continue to circulate, despite Sony's unwavering stance that there are no plans whatsoever to issue a hardware cut any time soon.

According to Gaming Front, the latest piece of evidence comes from Chinese gaming site, which states that a $100 price reduction is headed our way in either April or May of this year. There's no way of knowing if they cite an official source – anyone out there speak Chinese? – but let's just say it's unlikely. We're guessing it's yet another mysterious "inside source," which doesn't really help the veracity of the report, especially considering the fact that all Sony executives and representatives refuse to comment on the subject. As for the additional rumor that this cheaper PS3 will be without a Blu-Ray player, that seems even less probable and isn't mentioned in this Chinese report. Just out of curiosity, though, if you take Blu-Ray out, what will you put in to the machine? PS3 titles are on Blu-Ray discs, yes? Well, whatever. We doubt you're going to see a BD-less PS3 any time soon, but a price drop isn't entirely out of the question. It may be too early, but you never know… April/May isn't far off, so we won't have long to wait, but Sony sure as heck won't do anything but deny it.

If there's going to be any price cut at all, we're still saying it'll be announced at E3. That's the best you can hope for, in our opinion.