If you're not yet familiar with Free Realms , think of EverQuest for kids. That'll give you a baseline understanding of the promising Sony MMO, at least.

Today, it has been announced that Free Realms has entered the closed beta stage of development. You can register now for your place in the open beta testing, which will begin in early April. Go ahead and visit the game's official website to do exactly that, and gather up more information, details and new media. Said John Smedley, president of Sony Online Entertainment:

"The beta testing phase is integral to the success of any video game, and we are asking that kids, parents, video game fans of all ages sign up to help us during these final weeks before Free Realms launches. Ten years ago, SOE introduced EverQuest, the genre-defining online video game, and this spring, we will introduce Free Realms, a game I believe will expand and enrich the kids' online gaming genre which really shows the rapid evolution of the online game space."

You can explore, compete, socialize, and even raise pets if you wish, and the good news for parents is that it's all family-friendly. Furthermore, you won't be restricted to the standard MMO fare, which typically only consists of battles, chatting, and leveling up. In Free Realms , there will be all sorts of mini-games, and you might even find yourself behind the wheel of a race car. It's fun for everyone over the PlayStation Network, and you may want to be part of the entertainment.

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