By now, we're all well aware of the Unreal Engine 3, which has become a major player (no pun intended) in the new generation. But another competitor is on the way, and its name is the Infernal Engine.

Terminal Reality has officially announced this "revolutionary next-generation development platform," which will be used to drive the upcoming Ghostbusters: The Video Game . Terminal Reality also plans to license this capable and promising new engine to interested third parties, and they are "currently scheduling private meetings" at this week's DICE conference. The Infernal Engine can be used on the major consoles as well as the PC, and according to the press release, it "provides an advanced physics solution, powerful particle system, and rendering features that provide ultra-realistic environments and characters." Said Joe Kreiner, vice-president of Sales and Marketing at Terminal Reality:

"Terminal Reality's Infernal Engine is a breakthrough in efficiency for game development middleware. Our licensees can leverage their work across more platforms, in less time, than any other engine giving them a competitive edge critical for success. Our licensees get stunning visuals, fast time to market, and the support of Terminal Reality – one of most experienced independent game developers in the industry."

If you want to learn more about the Infernal Engine, head on over to the official site . This could be the engine that acts as the cornerstone of many future blockbuster games, so don't be surprised to see this name alongside major releases.

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