When David Jaffe weighed in on the God of War III footage he saw, we desperately wanted to get a peek. Apparently, the trailer they previewed at the SpikeTV Video Game Awards wasn't shown in its entirety, so ever since, we've been wondering exactly what it was he saw.

Well, we're not sure if this is all of it, but the new Epic Scale Trailer is downright amazing. And believe it or not, Jaffe is actually nervous that everyone might not be as impressed as he was; here's what he wrote over at NeoGAF:

"I tell you what, I'm not even WORKING on this latest GOD OF WAR game and I feel more nervous about the press and net responses to THIS game than EVER before 🙂 Sh**…what if – TO YOU- it DOESN'T really look like a painting come to life!?!? Ah well, I stand behind what I said. Eager to see if you guys/gals (as well as the press) felt/feel the same way."

Well, color us amazed, even if this trailer isn't exactly what Jaffe saw. And the best part? An SCEA representative confirmed to the MTV gaming blog that the entire trailer is indeed in real-time , and another Sony rep confirmed with Gamezine.uk that there "was no post-work done on the trailer." Okay, so who isn't drooling right now? Who hasn't soaked their keyboard with saliva? …okay, that's gross, but you know what I mean. Oh please let this game come out ASAP!

Oh yeah, and if you want to check out the freshly launched God of War III website , feel free.

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