As expected, Far Cry 2 turned out to be one of 2008's finest shooters; the new freedom-oriented gameplay resonated with plenty of next-gen gamers. However, despite the extra longevity due to this new style, plenty of people still have the time to jump online for some multiplayer action.

Well, those avid fans are in desperate need of a patch to make the experience a little more realistic and enjoyable. If you're not familiar, it seems that it takes far too much firepower to bring down an opponent, and many players have been complaining about this major drawback for quite some time. And therefore, according to a recent post over at the game's community blog, these concerns will soon be addressed thanks to an upcoming patch. It will add new balance to the weapons in all multiplayer modes, but they'll also toss in a brand new "Hardcore" setting as well, which will jack up the damage for all weapons and generate more deaths in less time. At first, we weren't sure if this update would be coming to all platforms, but now it appears that it will indeed arrive for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC versions of this popular title. It's one of those games that may have gotten a little lost in the shuffle during last year's crazy October/November release-fest, but it still managed to sell quite well and garnered plenty of well-deserved critical acclaim.

These days, with the ability to make any current online experience better, why not take the opportunity? With something like Far Cry 2 , you may as well bend to the fan's wishes and simply make 'em happy; be good to those who appreciate what you do, and you will be rewarded. Right?

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