Despite all the rumors you may have heard concerning the PlayStation 4, Sony has said a new machine is still a long ways off. …did you really expect them to say anything else?

According to what Sony told T3 magazine, Sony remains firmly entrenched in their "10-year lifespan" philosophy, and they apparently haven't wavered on that claim in the slightest. In fact, they see total sales of the PS3 "far outlasting" that of the PS2, which is something they've said before. The quote in question reads as follows:

"PS3 won't celebrate its second birthday in the UK until March of this year, and we've said all along that the life-cycle for this generation of hardware will be longer than previous models. PS2 was still going strong after eight years, and with the power the Cell processor provides, not to mention the fact that PS3 is inherently future-proof, we see the PS3 sales curve far outlasting that of PS2."

It's a minefield of predictions out there, but Sony won't hear any of it. A few developers and analysts have predicted in the past that the next PlayStation may see the light of day as early as 2011, but Sony says that simply isn't going to happen. However, it may be interesting to note that the PS2's longevity has continued well into the new era; hence, the PS3 could continue along in much the same fashion after the PS4 launches. Sony is merely saying the PS3 has a 10-year lifespan much like the PS2…but that may include a significant overlap time with a new console. Just something to think about, but we figured you would want the official reply to these rumors.