You pre-ordered Killzone 2 at GameStop for a reason, didn't you? It wasn't necessarily to secure a copy for yourself come launch day, it was to get a small taste of the game before launch, right? Well, you've been sitting there patiently with your little code, and now, the wait is over.

If you log on to the PlayStation Store today, you can start downloading the hefty 1207MB demo, which will probably take a while. However, after playing, you'll realize you would've sat there all damn day for the operation to finish; KZ2 is just that glorious. This is the same demo that currently sits on the European PlayStation Store, and as the Videogaming247 blog reported earlier, SCEE says the demo is "flying off the servers." That's not exactly a surprise, and if you're wondering why Europe gets special treatment in this scenario, just remember that Guerilla is a Euro-based development studio. As far as we know, the demo won't arrive for everyone to download on the PlayStation Store in the U.S. until the week of the game's launch, so you're one privileged gamer to have that download code from GameStop. On the other hand, maybe you're certain you're going to buy the game anyway, and you don't wish to spoil your appetite by indulging in the demo at an early date. We can understand that sentiment, but you must have Godlike willpower…

Even if you're not a FPS fan, you should still be part of the KZ2 experience. While it may not be accurate to say the game is revolutionary, it would be accurate to call it evolutionary . And you don't want to be left behind on the evolution chain, do you?

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