Initially, we had thought the game would release towards the end of 2008, but we don't blame Capcom for wanting to get it right . And hopefully, it'll be well worth the wait.

Capcom has revealed that Bionic Commando is now slated for release in May, and we can't wait to get our hands on the next-gen swinging action. We've seen plenty of footage thus far – just peruse our videos section – and every new trailer is quite promising. That Bionic Arm in sweeping 3D ought to be fun, and as Capcom reminds us, it has been "upgraded to deliver a range of devastating attacks that allow Spencer to quickly traverse the game's diverse environments." And it's not just about movement, either; you can use that unbelievable mechanic wonder to lash out at your enemies. Not only can the Bionic Arm be used as a melee weapon, but you'll also be able to toss all kinds of stuff at your foes (including boulders and cars). If done correctly, this could be one of the more unique and entertaining titles we've seen in a long time. The competition is always stiff in the action category, but…I mean, come on, this is Bionic Commando ! Who would've ever thought it could look like this?  …what 2D classic might be next on the remake list?

In the meantime, if you're in need of an old-school swinging fix, you can always jump onto the PlayStation Store and pick up Bionic Commando: Rearmed .  It's definitely worth your time.

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