If you're a veteran gamer, chances are, you were all agog when "Tron" first came out way back in the early '80s. It was the nerd's fantasy come to life and of course, it immediately spawned an immensely popular arcade game (which was freakin' hard ). So…who's up for another go-'round?

According to Variety, inside sources have said that despite recent layoffs at Disney Interactive Studios, a new Tron game is definitely in the works. It's designed to go along with the new movie, "TR2N," which will star our ol' buddy Jeff Bridges, plus Garret Hedlund and Olivia Wilde. The film isn't slated to arrive in theaters until 2011 so we certainly can't expect the game any earlier, but here's hoping both projects turn out to be the hi-tech blockbusters the originals were back in the day. This is only a rumor but as far as we're concerned, if the movie exists, the game exists; there's just no arguing that standpoint. Of course, details for either the game or movie are basically non-existent, but as unlikely as it is, wouldn't it be sweet to have the game designed around the old arcade game? You now, just a bunch of separate mini-games, each one seemingly more impossible than the last? I'm sure nobody likes that idea and it wouldn't fly in the modern market, but forgive me for reminiscing…a next-gen upgrade to Tron would make my day.

Anyway, we'll let you know if any new information surfaces in the "TR2N" camp. And if you're too young to know about the original cult classic, than you need to head to Wikipedia, or something.