The long wait is almost over, but it's not going to end quite as soon as some may have hoped.

Erroneous reports have surfaced around the Internet that said the review embargo for Killzone 2 is January 29, but that's not accurate. From the start, the embargo date has been February 2, and that hasn't changed. Some people were willing to believe the 29th date because the game may ship to mainland Europe on February 25, which is two days sooner than the North American launch of February 27. Hence, it might be logical to assume that a two-day difference would also apply to the embargo, but this really isn't the case. No legitimate online video game publication should be posting their Killzone 2 review before Monday, and that's that. The good news is that these reviews will really flood in once midnight of the 2nd rolls around; many sources have had the game for quite a while, and they're just itching to post up their analysis. We're one of those sources, and while we certainly won't give anything away in terms of the overall score, we will say it's gonna be high. …as if that's any sort of staggering revelation.

Anyway, we just wanted to clarify; the questions of "where's your KZ2 review?!" might start to pop up in the Comments section, but just don't believe that January 29 nonsense. It's Monday, February 2, and that's the day when you can officially begin to salivate for the most anticipated game of the year.

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