After all but confirming that Dead Rising 2 would be headed to the PlayStation 3 , Capcom went on to speak to Famitsu about their lofty expectations concerning Resident Evil 5 .

Now, just as a bit of history, Resident Evil 4 managed to sell over 5 million copies combined on the GameCube, PS2 and Wii, which is the most any title in the series has ever sold. However, Capcom fully expects RE5 to top the sales plateau set by its predecessor: they anticipate around 500,000 units sold on launch day in Japan alone, and in total, 5-6 million copies worldwide during the game's life span. Now, one could argue that RE5 is actually battling RE2, which sold close to 5 million copies all those years ago, but it certainly proves that this franchise ain't stoppin' any time soon. There was a bit of lull there in the late PlayStation era, when Resident Evil 3: Nemesis didn't do quite as well as anticipated, and they released an ill-fated Resident Evil: Survivor that still may be one of the worst games we've ever played. But the entire series shot back to glory with the launch of RE4 and ever since then, survival/horror fans have been eagerly awaiting the launch of RE5. Obviously, Capcom is aware of this, which is why their sales expectations are so high.

Well, the quality of the game probably has something to do with those expectations as well. By now, publishers are well aware that review scores have a profound impact on the sales of their game, so typically, if they're anticipating big sales, they think they've got a damn good game. …we think they're right.  The game will release on March 13, and if you're prepared to be jealous, prepare to learn that PSXE may…already…hmm…

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