It was one of this generation's most entertaining titles, and although the rumors that it would get ported to the PlayStation 3 were incorrect, Capcom's multiplatform plans for the future remain firmly in place.

The word is out: according to the latest Famitsu, Capcom has said that 2009 would be "the year of multiplatform" (not sure how this contrasts sharply with 2008, but whatever), and that they will be releasing titles on both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. We knew all about this, but it now seems official that Dead Rising 2 will indeed be multiplatform, unlike its predecessor, which only came to the 360. The other bit of good news is that it's supposedly scheduled to release some time later this year, which, given the lack of information thus far, may be earlier than anticipated. At first, Capcom was clearly on Microsoft's side, issuing several 360 exclusives (like Lost Planet: Extreme Condition , for example), but that quickly changed. Not long after the PS3 launched, Capcom brought over Lost Planet , and since then, their multiplatform focus hasn't wavered. The upcoming Resident Evil 5 and Street Fighter IV are certainly multiplatform, and let's not forget those great contributions to the PSN and XBL. We figure it's not 2009 that is the "year of the multiplatform;" this entire generation fits that description.

Anyway, we're now waiting for the official Dead Rising 2 announcement, which shouldn't be far off. Perhaps they'll reveal it at GDC 09 in only a few weeks time…if they do, we'll be sure to bring you the confirmation for a PS3 version.