Although the franchise isn't quite as popular as it was during its heyday, there's little doubt that a new "Tomb Raider" movie could rake in the big bucks. However, what might the fans think if the lovely Angelina Jolie no longer played the heroine?

Well, they might not mind if the rumors are true that "Transformers" super-hottie Megan Fox plans to step into the role. According to European site MeriStation, Fox will indeed replace the curvaceous Jolie to star in an upcoming "Tomb Raider" film, although the movie doesn't yet have a director. Previous movies in the series have produced over $400 million in revenue, and with Hollywood's emphasis on special effects and high-powered action movies these days, there's plenty of incentive to bring Lara back. Besides, the tried-and-true formula – eye-popping action combined with eye-popping ladies – pretty much always works when your target demographic is males aged 16 – 35. It may be a while before this rumor is either proven or denied, but for the sake of argument, we have no problem with the choice. Fox isn't really built like Jolie, but the younger actress certainly seems tailor-made for a movie that requires her to be acrobatic. And besides…there are always implants. 'cough'

Anyway, who here would see the new "Tomb Raider" with Megan Fox starring as Lara Croft? Or if that's a stupid question, who wouldn't watch anything with freakin' Megan Fox in it?