Even though Japanese gamers have to suffer through a drastically reduced number of PS3s and a small handful of launch titles, at least the system allows for downloadable content (including games).

However, the launch systems apparently don't have the correct firmware to access all that nifty content via the PlayStation Network hub. To counter this issue, Sony announced today that new owners should run a system update in order to gain access to the updated firmware, System Software Version 1.10. It's easy to do; simply access the System Update option under "Settings," and then everything should happen automatically.

Furthermore, everyone should remember all those reports of PS3-PSP connectivity. Well, it's certainly a go, and the PS3 might be prepared for it, but the PSP isn't. Owners will have to download Version 3.0 in order to use the PSP as a remote media player for the PS3 and play PSP-compatible software, downloaded onto the PS3 from the Network. This update should be ready by the end of November…we'll just have to wait and see if this means it'll be available for the U.S. PS3 launch.

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