Has it really been flying this low under the radar? So low that we've completely missed any build-up or hype due its almost non-existent profile?

First, let's make sure you're up-to-date on everything we have concerning Ubisoft's creative and promising adventure title, I Am Alive : here's the first batch of major details , followed by a new info update (with a lone screenshot), and this debut trailer , which premiered at last year's E3. As far as we knew, it was scheduled to release some time this spring, but in terms of details, we've just linked you to everything we know. …so is it really possible that it's set to launch in March? Eurogamer says Ubisoft has confirmed the release for March (yes, of 2009), which moves it up from the estimated "Q2 2009" release window. Unfortunately, though, this move may place I Am Alive in direct competition with Resident Evil 5 , which is slated to arrive on March 13. You never want to butt heads with a guaranteed blockbuster, especially when you're attempting to sell an innovative IP. Then again, I have yet to speak to anyone who doesn't have high hopes for Ubisoft's project, and developer Darkworks certainly understands the "survival" medium, so who knows? Maybe it'll be great.

We just find it a little strange that it's only a few months off when the information has been so light since its unveiling at E3 2008. Typically, games like this would get a whole lot more exposure on their way to launch… But hey, we won't complain. And as a side note, Ubisoft revealed that Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. would also release in March. That one, we kinda knew about.

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