First off, let us bring you up to speed on what we've seen of God of War III thus far: here's the E3 trailer that debuted during Sony's press conference, and here's the SpikeTV Video Game Awards video that was a bit more lengthy. But even so, we haven't seen the meat of the gameplay just yet, and based on juicy hints from guys like Dave Jaffe, the best is yet to come.

Well, maybe that's what we'll see in just a few weeks time. Kotaku has been invited to examine Kratos' "final mission in his war with the Gods" in three weeks time, and they solidify the trilogy claim by adding that GoWIII is the "highly anticipated conclusion to the Greek action/adventure odyssey." Well, whether it's the final entry in the series or not, we can't wait to hear about all the new details, and it's also going to kick off some new release date speculation. The latest evidence indicates a Q1 2010 release (to fall in line with the other two GoW releases that both landed in March), but perhaps the third installment really will come out this year. We don't want the team to rush or anything, but we have to admit…the sooner this bad boy graces store shelves, the better. On top of which, it's a massive PlayStation 3 exclusive that would really help to spur hardware sales, so we're really hoping for a 2009 launch. At the end of the day, there isn't a soul on earth who would truthfully say they'd rather see a 2010 release…is there?

We'll see what happens, but we assume Kotaku will spill the beans soon after they get a peek at the good stuff. We admit to being a little jealous, but that's okay. We're all friends in this big ol' game of journalism, right? …er, right.

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