The details and information continues to come in short, staccato bursts of intriguing statements and quotes, and although we want more, we take what we can get.

More information regarding the creative and somewhat original I Am Alive project has surfaced. According to PSU, the game is currently in development at Darkworks (responsible for the likes of Cold Fear and Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare ), and players will adopt the role of Adam Collins. Collins is apparently just a regular guy who gets caught in the midst of a massive natural catastrophe, and he'll have to use everything at his disposal to stay alive. We brought you an earlier story outlining a few other details, and we'd like to remind you that weapons and combat isn't the focus; intuition and an instinct for survival is. And they are indeed using a first-person view, which will bring you as close to the action as humanly possible. You'll have to work your way through collapsing buildings, great chasms in the earth, and any number of obstacles that will impede your progress. Valuable items are no longer things like money and fancy cars; all that went out the door when Mother Nature went nuts. Now, you will search high and low for the bare essentials, like water.

This here is the first official image of the game, which is scheduled to release some time later this year. We always love ambition when it comes to game development, and something this creative definitely has our attention. There have been similar titles before ( Disaster Report , for one), but they really only scratched the surface. In this new generation, we're hoping for a lot more in the way of authenticity…

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