Why watch countless vids of humans behaving strangely in an office chair? Why not relax on the couch and laugh yourself silly?

Enter YouTube for Television, currently in the beta phase and now available on your PlayStation 3. It's a "streamlined interface that enables you to discover, watch and share YouTube videos on any TV screen through your PS3." All you have to do is open the browser on the console and go to www.youtube.com/tv, and that's it. Bear in mind that this link only works on the PS3; it's not for PC or Mac. As the beta progresses, you may see a few changes; the team is already working on "a more PlayStation-centric version of the YouTube TV Website," so what you see isn't exactly the final product. Considering the popularity of YouTube, this isn't a bad idea. Now, you can browse what the PlayStation Store has to offer, fiddle around with the video delivery service, rent or purchase a movie, set up playlists and arrange photos and other media, and…well, do just about anything you want with your PS3. When you're finally done and your friend calls you up saying you just have to see this new YouTube vid, you don't have to adjourn to the PC. Nope, just open up the PS3 browser and watch it in full screen!

So that's another little addition to the PS3's repertoire, which continues to grow at a fairly steady rate. Sony always said they want it to be a complete media center for the user, and they're definitely closing in on that goal.