Thus far, the status of God of War III has been very much up in the air, as the hopeful and optimistic put the game's release in 2009, while the negative and pessimistic say it won't arrive until next year. According to V for Video Games, things are looking up from a development standpoint, but 2010 is a more realistic time frame.

It seems as if the Santa Monica studios are in "full steam ahead" mode for GoWIII, as they've recruited "a new batch of highly talented employees" over the past few months. Furthermore, the "core structure of the game has already been completed," and they're pushing forward with the highest quality production in mind. On the downside – although the realistic may have expected this – God of War III is expected to hit store shelves "around Q1 2010," which would fall right in line with the releases of the first two entries in the revered franchise. Obviously, this is a very rough estimate and is subject to change, so there is the possibility it could be moved up to Q4 2009 so as to coincide with the holiday rush. Then again, maybe Sony won't want it to compete with Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and the possible launch of Gran Turismo 5 . Timing is crucial when it comes to raking in sales for big titles, and perhaps even more important when you're competing against yourself…

Right now, the 2009 lineup looks pretty damn solid so perhaps it won't matter too much if GoWIII doesn't launch until 2010. On the other hand, gamers are always looking for the next huge title that comes down the pike, so Santa Monica's project will always be under the spotlight until the game releases.

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