The review embargo for Killzone 2 lifts on February 2, which is when the Internet will become flooded with tons of analysis from critics around the world.

But in the meantime, the first leaked review – and of course, it comes from a print publication as they need the extra time – has been found; it's the new PSM, as pictured here. You should be able to find the scans just about anywhere at this point, but why not simply check out the full review article in our forums? Yep, the whole thing is there so if you desperately want a sneak peek at one of this generation's most anticipated titles so far, feast your greedy eyes on that feature review. There's plenty to read, but for those of you who don't quite have the patience, the final sentence is this-

"Without a doubt Killzone fans, action, and shooter fans of any stripe will instantly tag this sequel as a powerful contender for the best game of 2009."

Yep, we've said something similar, haven't we? The final result is an easy 5/5 rating, which isn't exactly surprising, either. Some people want to learn all about a game as they play without any outside information, and that's a pretty in-depth review right there, so you might consider some of the info to be "spoilers." On the other hand, if you just want to get a quick education before you dive into the gritty goodness at the end of February, feel free to read it…virtual cover to virtual cover. In a few more weeks, you'll have much more to read, we promise you that.

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