My fellow North American gamers, if you've been so bold as to place Square-Enix in the metaphorical doghouse, we've got an update for you: tell S-E to stay there.

As some of you know, last year's announcement of the Blu-Ray re-release of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children came as great news to fans of the critically acclaimed CGI film. It also came as even better news to fans of the series, because Square-Enix announced that this Blu-Ray version would ship with a playable demo of Final Fantasy XIII . It's the one exciting piece of news that came out of the publisher's private DKS3713 event as far as PS3 owners are concerned, and it was kinda like a consolation prize for those wishing for a FFVII remake. Well, gamers outside of Japan can wave bye-bye to that consolation prize: according to the Videogaming247 blog, Square-Enix has confirmed that this demo will be "Japan only." But hey, maybe you'll enjoy the consolation to the consolation prize, which is the unveiling of the main character's name. It's Dia Walruva. …yeah, we figured you wouldn't care much about that.

Of course, this doesn't mean that the demo won't ever come to North America or Europe; it simply means it won't be available in the Blu-Ray release of Advent Children . There's still a good chance it'll arrive on the PlayStation Store at some point in the future, especially when we get closer to the game's launch (whenever that might be). So stay tuned for more details on that and in the meantime, try not to soak the keyboard with your tears. Aww…don't be so upset. It was just a demo . Besides, there's always importing…

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