When Nintendo unveiled its launch plans for their upcoming next-generation console, gamers everywhere were disappointed to learn that DVD playback had been stripped from the Wii. Apparently, the company made this decision in order to keep the price down, and simply because they figured most prospective consumers would already have a DVD player. But now, according to GamesIndustrybiz.com , Japan will soon receive that feature.

A Nintendo representative has confirmed that an "enhanced" version of the Wii, sporting the currently missing DVD playback, is due out in Japan next year. But as of yet, the rep said the company has no plans to release this upgraded console in either the U.S. or Europe.

As for an exact release date or how much the new Wii will cost, Nintendo remained tight-lipped on the issue. But we can probably expect a few other interesting little features with this "enhanced" model, even though there is nothing official just yet. For now, Nintendo is focusing primarily on the launch in a few short weeks.

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