It would seem that Tomb Raider Legend brought the series back to its former glory. Though it wasn't perfect, it fixed enough of the franchise's flaws to make a Lara Croft game worth playing again.

SCi Entertainment Group thinks so, too. As of June 30th, the company earned 54.58 million USD, most of which is attributed to the success of Legend. Across all of the different platforms, SCi was able to sell over 2.9 million copies to retailers which has prompted them to plan the release of a new Tomb Raider game during the 2008 financial year (it will appear on the PS3, as well as other platforms).

Other titles which performed well? Hitman: Blood Money turned a tidy profit and so did SCi's distribution deal for Lego Star Wars.

In addition to a new Tomb Raider, the company also plans to continue its other established franchises (Io Interactive's Hitman and the upcoming Kane and Lynch), as well as introducing some new ones from TRL's developer Crystal Dynamics.