FOREWORD: You may have noticed that we didn't cover any EA game during this past E3. That was all with good reason. You see, EA invited us to their New York City showcase at the W Hotel, and so we chose to save the best for last. At EA's "Holidays in July" event, we were able to go hands-on with all of the games present at E3, in addition to two that weren't.

Personally, despite all of the huge, sure to be blockbusters on display, there was one game that caught my attention, my love, and my laughter the most: FaceBreaker. Perhaps the most genuinely fun game in development right now at EA, FaceBreaker is even more outrageous than the game it pays an homage to – Ready 2 Rumble.

First off, this game is blistering fast. The action is lightning quick, and the combat is flat-out amazing. You have four face buttons, three of which are punches, and one that's a throw. You have a low punch, a high punch, and a super punch. The low and high punches are what you'll use to begin a combo, and the super punch is what you'll use to end a combo. The super punch will launch your opponent in the air, which gives you the opportunity to juggle him/her in mid-air with one last punch.

The combo strings come off naturally, but there is depth behind the pick-up-and-play mechanics. You can block and parry combos, by either hitting the block button, or canceling the opponent's hit by dodging and countering it by holding down the button he's attacking you with. For example, if your opponent is assaulting you with low hits, hold down the low punch button to parry his hits – the same applies for the high hits.

You can perform forward and backward dashes, which, if you're not familiar with the newer Street Fighter games, means you can take large steps simply by double tapping a direction. The action is perhaps the most addictive I've ever played in a fighting game in an extremely long time, and the end result is a game that is so, so much fun.

There is a quirky cast of characters, all of which feature their own respective FaceBreaker move – the game's version of a finisher. As you would expect, each boxer has his/her own personality and stage to match that personality.

FaceBreaker boasts a custom character creator that allows you to paste a face, anybody's face, on to a character template. Out of the box, FaceBreaker will feature Peter Moore's face for you to apply onto any character you wish. Best of all, EA took the liberty of creating their own custom fighters…Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, of The Hills fame; the two people we all want to furiously bash to a pulp.

Now here's the one bit that may excite even more…60 frames per second, 2x Anti-Aliasing all at a native 1080p. That's right, FaceBreaker is going to be one the cleanest looking games all year long, and EA promises that nothing is compromised visually when in 1080p. Sounds great to us.

You can check out a demo of FaceBreaker now on PlayStation Network. Have fun with it.

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12 years ago

Omg…they put Peter Moore on there?!? Lmao…a year too late. I'd really take out my anger out on him for what he did with those stupid Halo,GTA,etc tattoos to be cocky. But now…less anger lol

This is definitly gonna be a buy for me most likely. I love the less realistic, just forget the problems of the world and have a blast playing type of game. And this fits the category!

I downloaded the demo, didn't ahve time to play it considering everything I was downloading didn't finish until later at night.

Last edited by Minishmaru on 8/1/2008 7:33:41 AM

Odd Child
Odd Child
12 years ago

WOW. Gonna have to try this out Later on, sounds promising.