Sources from Rockstar North (developers of the Grand Theft Auto franchise) claim that the Playstation 3 version of their upcoming title will feature its own, exclusive downloadable content. Specifically, content that is different from the exclusives previously afforded to the Xbox 360. While the news shouldn't upset anyone who waves the Sony flag loud and proud (it's something of a raspberry in the face of Microsoft diehards), it does pose an interesting conundrum for those who are simply fans of the series. Both content packs promise their own respective new areas and hours of extra missions to complete, so in order to experience absolutely everything GTA IV has to offer, you'd have to buy a copy for both the PS3 and 360. Ouch!

As big as the Grand Theft games have gotten, though, it's unlikely anyone could be truly disappointed in the amount of time they're probably going to put into IV regardless of expansions.