The first official set of PS3 peripherals are now out in the open, as Sony just announced the three major peripherals for Japan: the wireless controller, a remote control, and to answer a common question amongst gamers, a memory card reader.

Earlier today, the company revealed the official name for the PS3 controller ("Six Axis"), and now we get a closer look at it. It will be available on November 11 for 5,000 yen; both the date and price aren't surprising.

The remote sports the somewhat unwieldy title of the "BD Remote Controller," but it points twoards the unit's conveniencce for Blu-Ray playback. This peripheral will cost 3,600 yen, but won't hit Japanese stores until December 7. And as expected, the remote will utilize Bluetooth to interact with the PS3.

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And last but hardly least is that memory card reader, which single-handedly answers the big question regarding old game saves. This handy peripheral will allow you to keep and use all your old PS2 and PS1 saves, simply by connecting the device and transferring the data to the PS3's hard drive. This is strictly a transfer tool, so unless you play more PS1 or PS2 games on the old systems, you'll only have to use the memory card reader once. It will retail for 1,500 yen and release on November 11 alongside the wireless controller.

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When they get around to giving us U.S. and European price points and release dates, we'll be sure to let ya know.

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