I enjoy my graphics as much as the next guy does, but the guy next to him may be a bit too obsessive. A Beyond3D member, Quaz51, has recently performed a pixel count of his European Metal Gear Online Beta. He has confirmed that MGOnline's resolution is 1024×768, which is just a bit lower than the 1280×720 (720p resolution) that everyone had assumed it was.

Because 1024×768 is not a 16:9 resolution, the closest equivalent 16:9 image is actually 1182×665 – in other words, 665p at 30 frames per second. We doubt most people can really tell the difference, as there are benefits to having a slightly smaller resolution. Additionally, MGOnline isn't the first next-gen game to do this, as various high-profile Xbox 360 games have rendered at awkward resolutions, as well.

Utilizing a lower resolution helps free up a lot of power from processors, which, in turn, will allow developers to apply additional effects, such as better anti-aliasing, lighting, steadier framerate, and proper v-sync to prevent screen tearing. Still, let's hope this doesn't become common practice, as I'd prefer to put my HD set to proper use.

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