One of the most important aspects of a console is its interface system, and Sony has officially unveiled the Cross Media Bar (XMB) interface for the PS3. They gave us a sneak peak at the Tokyo Game Show, but now we’ve got an up-close-and-personal look at all the details. You can also visit the Japanese site here .

But considering you don’t likely speak or read Japanese, here’s the breakdown for your viewing pleasure.









Obviously, most of these icons are pretty clear, but there are a few notes of interest. First of all, much like the 360, the PS3 will allow multiple user account on a single console, and you’ll select the user when you start ‘er up. Something else that might catch your eye is the System Update option, which PSP players will probably recognize. This is utilized to update the system’s firmware with features and defenses against piracy, but we don’t yet know exactly how Sony will perform these updates.

You’ll head on over to the PlayStation Store to purchase special downloadable content (cars and tracks for Gran Turismo HD , for example), although the final steps in the e-business shop preparation haven’t been concluded. Finally, we’ve got the nifty Remote Play option. This will allow you to view PS3 video on your PSP via Wi-Fi, believe it or not. However, details surrounding Remote Play are a little hazy at this time; we don’t know if this is just for video footage or if games will actually be playable through the feature. The Japanese game site, Impress Watch, has reported that Remote Play will be immediately available on the 60GB PS3, and might be available on the 20GB if you purchase a Wi-Fi adapter.

More to come soon.

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